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Autocoinage bitcoin Teller machine (BTM)

Frequently Asked Question

We are excited to bring Public Bitcoin Vending Machine to Canada

- the Fastest, Safest and Easiest way to get bitcoins. Please ContactUs for more details.

How is this different from an exchange?

An exchange is a company that gives you access to trading, a bit like trading on the stock market. Unfortunately exchanges are not risk-free. When you send your money to an exchange, there are often wire fees, deposit fees and withdrawal fees. A large exchange Mt Gox recently stopped suddenly, leaving people's money trapped and unable to be retrieved!

With the ATM, your transaction is over in seconds and your Bitcoin safely on your phone. No risky and complex dealings with foreign exchanges, bank wire fees or local meet-ups with strangers. You also don't need to time your transaction to get the right rate. When you use AutoCoinage ATMs you get exactly the rate on the screen and it is done in seconds, the Bitcoin is then safely in your wallet. It's not held at some exchange or bank for you, you control it, just like digital cash.